Treejer is delighted to announce its partnership with Coinpay, a crypto wallet and fiat off-ramp in Costa Rica.

The purpose of this partnership is to provide planters from Costa Rica with a tool to use or offramp their crypto proceeds. Treejer planters receive payments in DAI, a decentralized stablecoin pegged to USD. They need a reliable way to exchange their crypto for fiat in order to use it for daily life. With Coinpay, individuals from rural communities will be able to easily offramp their crypto.

Coinpay has started working with planters from different regions in Costa Rica and considers going international to serve other active regions in Treejer in the future.

About Coinpay

Coinpay is the leading blockchain marketplace, with a Crypto Exchange and Trader Wallet solution in Central America. It was founded in Costa Rica in 2016 and offers an Ecosystem of blockchain services such as Exchange, Cards, Money Remittance, Escrow, Pay Master, OTC and a lot more in development thanks to the on-site development team.

About Treejer

Treejer is an open protocol connecting funders to rural planters worldwide. It uses smart contracts, DeFi and NFTs to empower local communities who protect forests. It's a transparent and bankless bridge between good people who care about the future of our planet.

Using Treejer protocol, anyone can fund and track community-based tree plantation and forest conservation in a new way. Local communities are directly paid to plant and sustain trees with the help of Treejer's underlying smart contracts. This experiment creates green job opportunities for locals around the world and makes sure they're paid even if they don't have access to banks.

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