On January 15th, the Treejer protocol will go live on Polygon network with the introduction of Genesis Trees.

There will be only 10,000 Genesis Trees with unique attributes. After Genesis event, the protocol starts to work as intended. We'll keep our mission of planting as many trees as we can with the help of our community. Initially, we start with onboarding local communities from over 10 countries and will soon expand to more regions.

We built DeFi together, let's use the learnings to build ReFi now. The Ethereum community is unique in that we build fast and open-source, disrupt incentive mechanisms, value community over VCs, prefer decentralization and finally we dream big. Yes we dream big and have this unique opportunity to change the world together.

What is Treejer?

It's an open protocol connecting funders to rural planters worldwide. It uses smart contracts, DeFi and NFTs to empower local communities who protect forests. It's a transparent and bankless bridge between good people who care about the future of our planet.

Santa Cruz, Bolivia - One of the many tree plantation sites in Treejer

Genesis Trees

It's much more than a NFT collection, it's about making impact on the lives of local people and the planet. The first version of the protocol is already developed and users will be able to fund "real trees" using it. After launch, we'll focus on developing new features and a whole ecosystem around them. If you're a builder, make sure to visit our cabin to discuss how you can use Treejer in your products. We make it possible for Web3 residents, such as NFT artists, DeFi protocols and metaverse projects to plant trees in a permission-less way. Collaboration opportunities are endless.

Each single tree is a non-fungible, transferable and collectible token on blockchain. Everything from the tree’s digital ownership and history of funding to its underlying rural stories is discoverable.

Our Impact

Each single tree that is collected or funded through Treejer has unique social and environmental impact. Rural planters in high-impact locations plant and maintain our trees. Most of them are located in less developed countries in Latin America, Africa and Middle East. We believe in the open-source and want to make it easy for anyone to build, research or design on top of Treejer protocol. You're invited to build with us!

Genesis vs. Regular Trees

In Treejer, NFT trees represent real trees, both genesis and regular ones. We call the first 10k trees the "Genesis" collection and have added unique attributes to them. They've beautiful NFT symbols which are randomly generated. The Genesis collection is going to be distributed in the following format:

  • Auctioned trees (Tree of Life + Tree #1-10)
  • Honorary trees (Tree #11-100)
  • Minted trees (Tree #101-10,000)
Tree of Life (Tree #0) is revealed only if the entire Genesis is collected. It will be listed for auction similar to trees #1-10.


Partnering projects can plant trees for their users at a low cost. Regular trees have a fixed cost of $10 (DAI) per tree which makes them suitable for larger-scale partnerships. Although regular trees will always be available (soft-capped at 1 million trees for 2022), partnering for Genesis is a one-time opportunity.

Use of Funds

Allocation of incoming funds is conducted at the smart-contract level. Learn more about how we use the funds we receive for each single tree here. If you're a collector and want to have something unique showing your early support for the project, we recommend collecting Genesis trees. Otherwise, please consider regular trees to have the highest direct ecological and social impact per dollar spent.

Launch Timeline

10 January

15 January

  • Genesis auctions go live (Tree #1-10)
  • Claiming for honorary trees goes live (Tree #11-100)
There will be two trees listed for auction each day until January 20th. Each auction will have a reserve price of 0.1 ETH with 24h duration. Any new bid in the last 10 minutes will extent the auction for another 10 minutes. Auctioned trees will have 1/1 symbols and the highest secret multiplier!

We introduced the auction to ensure the most unique trees (tree 1-10) won't be gamed by bots easily. Now everyone will have equal access to them. Second, the 5-day gap before genesis minting will make more people aware of the concept, pricing and time. It's important because the minting price increases incrementally from 0.03 to 0.3 ETH and earlier collectors have discounted payment opportunity.

20 January

  • Genesis minting goes live (Tree #101-10000)
  • Regular tree funding goes live (main forest dashboard)
Genesis minting price starts at Ξ0.03. Then it increases incrementally every 100 trees until it reaches Ξ0.3 for the last batch of trees. Early collectors enjoy a discounted price. In addition, users can increase their ranking by funding a number of regular trees before minting genesis ones. Higher ranking leads to minting a rarer genesis tree.

NFT Traits and Rarity

All trees have unique real-life stories because different people plant different tree species for different purposes at different places. In addition, Genesis trees have another level of rarity on top of their real-life attributes:

Genesis trees have generative symbols

Genesis Tree Symbols

All genesis trees have randomly generated symbols making them a beautiful NFT collectible even outside Treejer ecosystem. With 3D design and high diversity they're considered to be metaverse-friendly. You may take your tree to your favorite metaverse and plant it in your own garden in the future!

Genesis traits are defined in the following format:

  • 144 tree shapes
  • 64 crown Colors
  • 64 trunk colors
  • Secret multiplier – Yes, it's secret and we don't know why it's there. So please do not ask! :)
There are a number of 1/1 tree shapes and colors in the collection. They can be minted randomly by collectors. Traits have different rarity levels.

Each tree will have its own profile in the UI. As they grow, more information will be added to their profiles. So we'll be able to know the story of each single tree we fund! :)

Each tree has a profile in Treejer's UI

Pre-Mint User Ranking

Higher ranked users have higher likelihood of minting a rare tree. User ranking is based on the number of trees funded in the past. Ranking tiers are as below:

  • Rank 0 | 0-9 trees
  • Rank 1 | 10-99 trees
  • Rank 2 | 100-999 trees
  • Rank 3 | 1000 and more
Hint: If you fund a number of regular trees before minting a genesis one, your ranking increases and you'll probably end up minting a rarer tree. Even funding 10 regular trees changes the probability significantly.

Final words

What we've achieved so far wouldn't be possible without the support of our community, contributors and partners. Earlier this year UNICEF Innovation Fund supported the project with their investment and advisory. And recently, our Gitcoin contributors surprised us. We're beyond grateful to be surrounded by such a lovely community. Let's make it happen once again, together!

Join the movement by adding (🛖🌳🛖) to your Twitter handle and spread the word by sharing this tweet. See you in our cabin!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/treejertalks

Discord: discord.gg/hCzCZdxTsz

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